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Hello, I’m Robert, the Managing Director of Oxford Business English. 

We teach young professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners and board directors, how to use English as a 2nd language in business effectively. Over the years we’ve helped our clients achieve promotion, get that lucrative business deal and make that vital pitch to investors so that they can fastback their careers. 



Knowing how to use English for Business is not about verbs, grammar or how it works in a classroom. It’s about knowing how the language works in a commercial context.

We have over 25 years experience on the boards of multinational companies, we are qualified English teachers and language learners, and our courses are written by graduates of Oxford University, the London Business School and the School of English at the University of Warwick. We are the only company that teaches English and Business at the same time.



We’d love to help you fastback you English for Business, so why not try one of our free online lessons and see what you think. 

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Robert Barton

BSc(Hons) DipFS MSc MBA 

Founder of Oxford Business English