Oxford Business English


From London to Oxford via Brazil


After years as an international business executive, travelling the world working for British and American companies it finally happened. I found myself in Brazil, heading to a meeting where for the first time in my life no one else spoke English. It should have been fine, I’d studied Brazilian Portuguese for three years and I’d met thousands of non-native English speakers doing business in English previously. Surely, it wouldn’t be that difficult? I soon found out what every language learner knows. Doing business in a foreign language is not easy! 

As everyone else seemed to be using my language for business I was intrigued to find out how they learned it. I was shocked by how bad Business English training is so I decided to do something about it. 


... and so it began

 I had the advantage of already having economics and business degrees from the University of Oxford and the London Business School so when I qualified as TEFL Teacher I set about using my track record in international business, along with my experience as a language learner, to make learning English for Business a more profitable and enjoyable experience. 


I quickly discovered that I had “the knack” of helping people use English better at work. My students received promotion, got business deals they thought they’d never get and pitched successfully to investors, all because their skills in English had improved so much. As the internet improved I took my courses online and in 2017 founded Oxford Business English.


From teachers to course providers...

Nowadays I’m helped by Bethan Hammond, an English graduate, author and blogger from the University of Warwick, and Helen Keefe, a former schoolteacher and English pronunciation expert from London. Together we write programmes for Business English with specialisms in Finance, Sales & Marketing, Operations, Technology, Organisational Psychology and Career Development.

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